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Personal Training
Body By Bell offers state of the art health and fitness programs for everyone from those who are just starting a healthy lifestyle to professional bodybuilders and powerlifters. Our programs are built to maximize results by accurately targeting muscle groups. D’Vaughn creates a workout environment that promotes confidence in our customers, the success of our customers in meeting their fitness goals and he helps them set new fitness goals. Be sure to contact him to see how you can claim a free cardio, group exercise or weight training session.
Personal Training Packages

Very 1st personal training session $29.95

Training packages include nutritional guidance and are valid for 12 weeks
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Online Training Services
No matter where in the world you are D’Vaughn can help you reach your goals. Fully customized training programs and macro plans are available to you through this site. Get weekly updates on your progress and watch your body transform.
After trying every diet and fad under the sun, D’Vaughn was introduced to Flexible Dieting (IIFYM – “if it fits your macros”) which has completely changed his outlook on “dieting”. D’Vaughn uses his experience to assist motivators like you with fat loss, reverse dieting, sport specific training, gaining muscle and/or becoming a bodybuilder. No matter what your goals is there is a package that suits you.
All packages include a customized training program and macro plan which is updated weekly as you progress.

Dallas Texas Personal Trainer

Dallas Texas Personal Trainer

Looking for the best personal trainer in Dallas? Whether you’re new here or Texas has been your home since you were born, you found your way to my site because we have a few things in common. One of those being that you’re looking to get trained by one of the best and most motivating personal trainers today. I know,…