10 Ways to Stay Active Fitness Workouts at Work

How to Be More Productive

Research from the British Psychological Society or BPS has indicated that people spend an average of almost 6 hours sitting at their desk every day at work. Coupled with 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night, it’s no wonder the world is becoming increasingly unhealthy. All this sitting has been shown to play a major role on physical and mental health. How often do you struggle to find some time to workout because you spend most of your time in the office or at work?

Here are the top 10 ways you can stay active while at work:

  1. Count your steps – Wear a pedometer. Reports from the Harvard Health Letter suggest that wearing a pedometer actually helps people stay motivated. “When you see it you will believe it.” Aim for about 10,000 steps per day, which is equivalent to walking about 5 miles and burning an extra 500 calories a day. You could easily lose an extra pound of body fat each week with this tip alone.
  2. Park further away – Timing is everything, it’s important that you wake up early enough to leave yourself a few extra minutes so that you can park farther away from your office. Park as far as possible. Do this on your way to the grocery store and work.
  3. Take the stairs – As tempting and convenient as the elevator may seem at times, every step counts so try taking the stairs as often as possible. 
  4. Stand at your desk – Standing at your desk instead of sitting will in fact give you more energy, allowing you to think clearly, helps your posture, and ultimately helps you get more work done.
    • Just try to have everything appropriately leveled, if possible make sure that your computer’s monitor is positioned so that it’s at the same height as the top of your head. 
    • When talking on the phone, try to pace or march in place, this will allow you to burn an extra 225 calories for every hour that you are standing.
  5. Sit on a balance ball – Is a standing desk too inconvenient? Try sitting on a balance ball. With no back and no armrests to lean on, many people find that they have better posture while sitting on a balance ball than while sitting in a normal office chair.
  6. Ask questions in person – When you have a question for your boss or co-worker, instead of just calling or emailing each other, take some time to walk over to their desk or office to ask the question(s).
  7. Walk around the office – Similar to the last tip, get up and walk around the office every hour or two. Like I said, every little bit counts and even a little walking will burn calories.
  8. Go for a walk – Whether it’s on your lunch or bathroom break, set aside some time to go for a walk. Instead of slamming down your food while sitting at your desk then getting back to work, save some time to go for a walk outside. Not up for a lunch walk? Consider having a walking meeting instead of sitting in the conference room the whole time.
  9. Set the challenge – You don’t have to run a mile on your lunch break to stay active at work. This could be as simple as doing 10 pushups per day or hour. Challenge your co-workers to compete in this challenge as well. When others are involved you are sure to stay motivated throughout the entire process. You could keep track of this challenge by creating a social media page or group and posting pictures and videos.
  10. Stretch – Take a few minutes to stretch after a long day of sitting hunched over your desk. Stretching encourages blood flow, releases tight muscles and tension, relaxes your nervous system and relives stress.  

These 10 methods will not only help you feel better and keep you active while at work, but they will also help you squeeze in a little more fun throughout your day.

5 Best Office Exercises That Work

The beauty of these exercises is that they can be done anywhere, including your office cubicle, not to mention they each add a bit of well-deserved excitement to your day.

  1. Desk Pushups – Easier than regular pushups but a little more convenient when you’re at work. Whether you place your hands at the edge of a desk, counter or any elevated surface you should begin to feel the burn after about a minute of these babies. Keep your hands shoulder width apart to focus more on your chest, or you can choose to go with a wider placement that will target your entire upper body in just two repetitive motions.
  2. Chair Dips – A great way for releasing some extra under arm jiggle is by performing tricep dips at your desk. While seated, walk your legs away from the chair while gripping the edge of the chair with your hands. Now you can either choose to grab the chair with a neutral grip (keeping your hands on both sides of the chair) or you can hold the edge of the chair, counter or desk; it all depends on your goals. Be sure to keep your feet planted on the ground, straighten up your arms then proceed by bending your arms until they reach a 90-degree angle, forcing your body to dip downward. Hold the bottom position for a few seconds while taking a couple deep breathes then slowly straighten your arms allowing your body to come back up to the top position.
  3. Wall Sits – Probably the best exercise you can do at work are wall sits which are outstanding when it comes to building strength and stamina. With your back against the wall, squat down until your thighs run parallel with the floor. Starting out you might want to aim for holding this position for a full minute, after a few weeks, who knows – you may be spending your entire lunch break in this position. 
  4. Seated Leg Raises – This exercise targets your quads. Remain seated and begin by raising one or both legs, try to hold the top position for a good 5 to 10 seconds before executing another rep. When you lower your legs back down don’t let your feet tough the ground.  If and when you adjust to this exercise you can make it more challenging by strapping your purse to your ankle (all the more reason to not let your feet tough the ground) or attach the handle of a briefcase to the tip of your feet.
  5. Seated Calf Raises – Literally, the little steps are the ones that go a long way. Instead of counting the number of reps with this exercise, it’s best to just time it, especially if you’re busy writing that next report or taking phone calls. 
    • Seated Calf Raises: Remain seated with your feet should width apart and your legs positioned at a 90-degree angle, then start by pushing off the balls of your feet, lifting your heels from the ground as high as possible. Hold the top position then slowly bring them back down. Now you could alternate days or combine the following exercise to make it a compound exercise.
    • Seated Toe Raises: Maintain the same position from before, but instead of lifting your heels you will keep them firmly planted and continue by pulling your toes upward, holding the top position and slowly returning them back down.

I would be shocked if you weren’t doing calf raises while reading this. Who invented the concept of not having enough time to workout or that working out has to be hard? Every day should be a challenge, whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual. I will keep mentioning that every little bit counts because it’s true. 

  • Don’t – take every piece of advice from this article and start applying it today or tomorrow. 
  • Do – pick a few that you like and try them out today, see how your body responds tomorrow and adjust if necessary. 

The gym is my office and I’m fit for business” – Dwayne Carter