3 Steps to Rediscover Your Inner Athlete - Body By Bell
3 Steps to Rediscover Your Inner Athlete – Body By Bell

Discover your inner athlete for the first time, or rediscover and old flame and all the benefits that follow.

Everyone has the ability to become an athlete, some are born with greater skills than others, but it’s all about how hard you’re willing to work for it. Everyone has an inner child but now is the time to rediscover your inner athlete. First, you have to ask yourself, “are great athletes born or made?” and the answer to this question is both. In order to become great at anything it will require desire, dedication and determination. Here are 3 Steps for Rediscovering Your Inner Athlete:

1. Aspire to be Great

All great athletes have a single similarity in common and it’s not that they were born with incredible talent. In fact, many legendary athletes had to fall in love with outworking their competition in every way. In order to fall in love with this process you have to spend a lot of time convincing yourself this is what you truly want. Once this step is completed, it becomes a light switch that stays on forever, this ability can then transfer over into many different avenues in life as well. When you aspire to be great you will notice that even the little things in life will begin to hold more value, as you pay closer attention to detail by optimizing your game plan.

2. Train Insane or Remain the Same

I’m sure everyone is aware of Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” This philosophy should be embedded in your mind, while at the same time you have to borderline become obsessed with training like a fitness addict.

whats-your-excuse-fitness-motivation-triumphAmong hundreds of thousands of different workouts and exercises are the elites that you can shuffle through. If you are looking for that athletic body it is better to stick with weightlifting, plyometric exercises, high intensity cardio and calisthenics. Compressing these types of exercises into your workouts will bring benefits such as increased strength, endurance, muscle definition, lower body fat percentage and better body composition. You will also gain some awesome side-effects like increased vertical jump, faster running speed, better agility and coordination, which will all enhance certain task you do throughout your daily routines.

3. Get Your Shine On

A study conducted by the European University of Madrid revealed a direct correlation of light on athletes and their performance. Researchers found that athletes who were exposed to bright lights while performing exercises performed better than those who were exposed to dim lights. The intensity and color of light you are exposed to has many different effects on your mind and body. This ranges from dim lights which play a major role on your circadian clock and how well you fall asleep, dim red lighting helps you stay asleep, to bright lighting which has been proven to enhance your alertness and athletic performance.

Take advantage of the spotlight, literally and metaphorically speaking. Imagine that you are that game changing player whose team’s performance would plummet without you. Be careful to not let all this glory go to your head and remember the importance of proper lighting when training.

3 Best Habits of Successful Athletes

1. Study Your Playbook

After you devise a game plan make every effort to study it. The more efficient you are in and out of the gym the faster and more effective your progress will become. Never walk into the gym without knowing your full workout. You might be tempted to slack off a few times and just go to the gym with no specific workout routine, just don’t do it or you can kiss that whole workout goodbye. Research has often proved that well-thought-out plans lead to higher chances for success.

2. Never Throw in the Towel

The most effective athletes base their days on becoming even better athletes. They follow their playbook and know exactly what needs to be done. At this stage, the importance of your actions and their consequences are phenomenal. Take note of some habits that are hurting your chances of achieving your goals and remove them. These challenges can be simple things like drinking too much, not getting enough rest or skipping workouts. Overtime these problems will be the determining factor of how successful you are. It’s in our nature to be the best we can possibly be. Along the way we will face challenges and get knocked down a few times, but never throw in the towel. You are much stronger than that both mentally and physically.

3. Leave it all on the Field

All of the best coaches will tell their players to “leave it all on the field.” When athletes take on such a strong level of desire for not only winning but also performing their best, anything less can have a harmful backlash. Emotion is required, but controlling it and knowing when to let it go is another key for success. Swallow your pride and hide your ego because win or lose you must stay humble. Some days you might not perform as great as others but high levels of success all thrive on persistence.

Rediscovering your inner athlete has a lot to do with going back a few years and sort of living that same lifestyle. Your inner athlete was never lost – just put on the bench. Everyone has one, find what sports interest you then train like you’re getting ready to go try-out for that sport. By following just these 3 steps, you are well on your way to reaching your dream body and ideal athletic abilities.