3 Tips for Developing Your 6 Pack Abs - 6 Laws - Body By Bell - D'Vaughn Bell

Want Better, Stronger, Leaner Abs?

The six pack is the most heavily marketed promise in the health and wellness industry. Open any fitness, weight loss or body related magazine and you’ll find a reference to six pack abs in there somewhere. Yet it’s still one of the most elusive physical attributes to develop. A lot of people try everything they possibly can to get six pack abs, but nothing works. How can you get six pack abs, really? Here’s how it’s done…

The Transformation Starts in the Diet

In order to lose enough fat for six pack abs to show, you need to start with your diet. Ideally, that means you’re eating fewer calories than you spend every day – but only by a little bit. Make sure the bulk of your diet consists of lean meats and vegetables. Fruits and complex carbohydrates can make up a small portion of your diet, but vegetables and proteins are what will really help you get those six pack abs.

Your diet is crucial – it’s often said that a great body is built first in the kitchen, then in the gym.

Build Solid-Lean Muscle Mass

The second step is to build muscle all throughout your body. Now, you might be thinking: “Shouldn’t I be focused on my abs?” Yes, you should absolutely work out your abs. However, that alone isn’t going to get you the six packs you want. Have you ever seen someone with a six pack that had a flabby body everywhere else? Of course not – it just doesn’t happen.

Building muscle throughout your body will increase your Basal Metabolic Rate, which increases the amount of fat and calories you burn every day. This will in turn reduce the amount of fat in your stomach area, making your abdominal muscles much more visible.

Consistent Ab Workouts

Finally, the last step is to do consistent abdominal workouts. These workouts could include crunches, leg lifts, sit-ups or any other workout that works your ab muscles. The key is to do this last, rather than first. If you start building abdominal muscles before you lose the belly fat, you could actually make your abdomen look fatter. The new muscles you build will push the fat outward, making you look worse rather than better.

Implement a steady workout routine for your upper and lower body and take on a diet that helps you burn fat. Then and only then should you start working out your abs. If you follow these three steps, in a few months you’ll start to see the outline of your new abs. In about six months, most people will have visible abdominal muscles. It won’t happen overnight – but if you put in the time and energy, it’ll happen for you just as it’s happened for thousands of others.

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