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Weightlifting 101

Weightlifting: The most motivational form of exercise there is. The blue-print, keys for success, benefits of proper weightlifting and how you can start looking younger, feeling younger and improving your athleticism today. Let’s start by lifting weights, but before we do let’s learn how to build a solid weightlifting foundation.

4 Frequently Asked Question- Answered:

  1. How does weight training improve strength?
  2. Does lifting weights increase weight?
  3. Does weightlifting increase metabolism?
  4. Does weightlifting increase testosterone levels?

Keep these questions in mind as you continue reading about all the benefits of proper weightlifting.

Weightlifting vs. Bodybuilding

Weightlifting and bodybuilding are two different types of training containing two very distinct goals. Typically, weightlifters are more focused on improving their stats in the gym and on certain lifts. Bodybuilders, however, are generally focused on building a better body. Whether it is for personal reasons or for competitive reasons bodybuilders and weightlifters are always working to improve themselves and gain an edge over their competition. There are people, like myself who’s belief stems from combining both of these types of training for an ultimate outcome: a healthier fit version of you, only, the competition becomes yourself. The first steps in building a solid weightlifting foundation are to combine features of bodybuilding and weightlifting that best suit your preferences then to learn how to compete with yourself.

But Why Should I Lift Weights?

Lifting both light and heavy weights have proven to be great ways of getting in shape and staying in shape. The benefits for weight training among men and women seem limitless. There are routines, exercises and programs out there for men, women and even children of any age, size and body type. If you would like to increase your muscle mass, cardiac function, stamina and possibly combat some symptoms of osteoporosis – All this can be achieved, and much more, simply by adding a solid weight training program or routine into your regular workout regimen.

You will get the most benefits from lifting weights when you combine weight training with other forms of exercise such as aerobic and/ or cardio exercises. One of the most important parts of lifting weights involves the proper process of warming up; it’s unhealthy to just begin lifting heavy or light weights without getting your blood pumping. Prior to starting your workout it’s vital that you prime your muscles, tendons and ligaments before heavy lifting. This can be done by performing a good ten minutes of jogging/treadmill, bicycling, or jumping rope. Before you start your warm up, be sure to stretch your legs, arms, back and core.

The concept of successful weight training involves what are called repetitions. A proper weightlifting routine is designed based on working out all of the major muscle groups of the body. Remember, the true importance is how many times you can lift the weight and not necessarily how much weight you can lift, this even applies to strength trainers. Eventually you will begin to lift heavier weights, with controlled movements, but until then practicing the right form and under as much control as possible. This is the only thing you should worry about, for now. You don’t want to suffer from muscle imbalances.

When it comes to weightlifting the key is to lift free weights and stay away from the machines as much as humanly possible. Weightlifting improves your strength, stamina, builds both your confidence and muscles, and prevents natural and sport related injuries, while improving your cardiovascular health. Not to mention that lifting weights can also help with losing a few extra pounds while lowering your body fat percentage, and helps keep the weight off. So what exactly are you “weighting” for?


How Does Weightlifting Improve Fitness?


For those who are results-oriented and become more motivated by your progress: weightlifting immediately does two things, improves your metabolism and increases your natural production of testosterone. Your metabolism is important, and upon increasing it, be sure to eat the right foods and practice proper nutritious habits. Testosterone is commonly referred to as the “male hormone,” however, everyone produces it. When you want to get stronger and more defined muscles it is important to increase your natural production of testosterone. Don’t fall a victim to today’s “miracle supplements”, prohormones and steroids; these provide you with significant results that are short lived, increase your chances of developing cancer and shorten your life span. Weightlifting can improve your life span when done properly.


The underrated art of weightlifting is probably one of the single most effective routines you can perform to improve your overall health and general fitness. Lifting weights will naturally boost your metabolism. Training with weights will not only boost your strength but will enhance your self-esteem and confidence. No matter what sport you play, lifting weights will improve your game, skills, mobility and injury resistance. Why would you not lift weights after finding out that weightlifting improves your heart health as well as cardiovascular function? The beauty of lifting weights is that it can help prevent and lessen osteoporosis related symptoms, while strengthening your bones. No matter how big, small, short or tall you are, you too can benefit tremendously from lifting weights.


As we continue to age our metabolism continues to slow down and we will lose lean muscle mass and bone density. Loss of lean muscle mass leads to an ‘even slower metabolism’, and this becomes a vicious cycle leading to an overweight and sedentary lifestyle which brings with it a whole host of other health problems. Lifting weights won’t necessarily reverse the process of aging, but it can break this cycle, and make you feel fit and keep you fit at any age. Your hormones are responsible for “keeping you young” when you alter or don’t properly exercise these natural functions you will lose them as they begin to deteriorate over time. Stay fit, healthy and active with proper weightlifting.

Enhanced Life-style

The hardest part of any exercise program is the discipline to start, followed by the motivation to keep going. It is much easier to stay motivated with weightlifting and weight training then most other exercises, because you can see and feel the result in a shorter amount of time. Weight lift for only a few weeks and you will start to see an immediate increase in your strength and stamina by 20 to 40%. And this will not only be in the gym, suddenly all those grocery bags you carry home from the store for your kids are going to feel much lighter. (Carrying your children and/ or younger siblings will also become much easier as well.) Increased strength and power will improve any sport you are into. Stronger leg-muscles will allow you to run faster, hit harder and jump higher. Strengthen your upper body and you will hit a ball harder or throw further. Weightlifting and strength training improve overall stamina, and stronger muscles and bones can take more of a pounding – “lifting weights can help prevent other sports related injuries.”

Better Looking Body

Another side-effect of weight lifting is the physical beauty your body will employ. Many people start lifting weights with this as their primary goal, not even realizing all of the other benefits one gets from sculpting a toned and defined body by weightlifting. While some fitness experts argue that Aerobic exercise is better for improving cardio vascular health then weight training, studies have proven that cardiac output increases during weightlifting. And of course it is a physiological fact that the heart and lungs support all muscle function, so, when muscles are taxed during weightlifting their support system is also getting a workout. That is why today most fitness experts suggest that you engage in an exercise program that includes at least some weightlifting combined with cardio, even a few days a week, for total overall good health and fitness.

Emotional Benefits of Weightlifting

Emotional health is an important part of your health, fitness and overall well-being. By lifting weights you are not only becoming physically stronger but mentally as well. Often times, the benefits of weightlifting are overlooked, especially how it can play a major role on your daily attitude and happiness.

Uplift Your Confidence

As I mentioned earlier, the more physically appealing your body is, according to your standards, your level of confidence will increase as a result. Are you unhappy about your weight? Do you ever feel tired or lethargic throught your day? Then it’s time to start lifting! Challenge yourself today, when you begin to endure those grueling training sessions you will become part of the population of people “who can do it.”

Weightlifting also improves or stimulates your natural release of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals released from your brain which stimulate happiness and feeling of euphoria. When we become stressed, our endorphin levels plummet, combat these feeling by completing a few weightlifting sessions. You’ll be surprised by the feelings of happiness, relaxation and pride you will experience by getting a little closer to your fitness goals.

If you are really desperate for gaining results, find or start a group on your favorite social network about weightlifting. Invite your friends to join you for workout sessions. This creates a stress free environment for getting results. Invite friends who are close to your current level of fitness but who are dedicated to gaining physical improvement.

After reading this weightlifting article, I want you to ask yourself: “Is weightlifting the relentless pursuit of power or balance?”

Best Weightlifting Quotes:

  • “Train like you got a pair”
  • “Less talking, more lifting”

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