Fitness Secrets
Fitness Secrets Revealed

3 Fitness Secrets Revealed

So many promises and claims, countless dollars and time, but all you want to know are some fitness secrets that actually work. I will reveal 3 health and fitness controversies with clear detail and ways you can implement them.

Fitness Secret #1 Abs are Gained in the Kitchen

With all the promises in diets and fitness products the media displays, workout programs seem the most promising, right? Wrong! It’s no secret that earning amazing abs is the most sought after physical feature but the solution lies within your efforts to maintain a healthy meal plan. Fad Diets are designed to keep you coming back for more and when you don’t you will find that you have gained all the weight you lost while on that particular diet along with a few extra pounds.

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. You could train like a professional athlete all year long, but unless you are a teenager with an extremely high metabolism and raging hormones you will not get the results you crave without proper meal planning. This is why nutritionist and dietitians are getting paid so much.

If you maintain a moderate amount of physical activity and proceed to consume healthy foods you will begin to notice the desired changes in your abs and muscle tone, but why settle for moderate? Push yourself and you will be rewarded!

Fitness Secret #2 No Quick Fixes

If and when you come across any fitness product that promises to be your end all solution with very little to no effort than it is safe to assume that you are being flat out lied to! There are lazy people out there and the health and fitness industry is flourishing due to lack of effort and people looking for the next quick fix, this trend will continue on so as long as you continue to fall for it.

The University of Wisconsin conducted a study proving that exercise equipment that claims to deliver you amazing abs by contracting your muscles through electrical impulses is a blatant lie. Although these abdominal stimulators do indeed contract the abdominal muscles, no muscular development has ever taken place from it.

As with my view on everything, theoretically speaking, I believe there is a balance that can be optimized for those willing to take this a step farther. You know those back massagers that have a high intensity? Typically I will hold one in place, on my abs when performing reverse crunches and it seems to offer a deeper burn and intensity to the exercise. I’m contracting the muscles while at the same time they are being forced by rapid vibrations. Like I said, I don’t have a research facility to prove or verify this claim – it is a method I occasionally apply.

Fitness Secret #3 All Weight Loss Diets Make You Fat

I mentioned this in the first fitness secret but I will go into further detail. First you need to know that the word ‘diet’ truly means your current eating habits. I refer to media diets as ‘fad diets’ because they are exactly that, trends that come and go. These fad diets will supply you with the results so long as you stick to them, but wait, you’ve completed the 10 or 30 day diet already?

Unless you are planning to spend money every time a new diet goes viral I suggest you stick to or begin learning how to plan your meals. Meal planning is the tried and true method of dieting, no drastic instant changes to your habits – which have adverse affects on your body, mood and behavior. Meal planning incorporates adding minor changes to your eating habits that have been proven to bring you prevailing results over the longest period of time.

Here’s the key, ‘fad diets’ and almost all trends completely focus on one concept and one concept alone. Take the grape fruit diet for instance, claiming to help you lose weight and get in the best shape possible. Well, aside from only losing water weight this diet only has one ingredient which is grapefruit itself, which is a superfood. Lemon, Apple, Acai Berry, all of these fad diets thrive on one ingredient alone which are all superfoods. When you add these superfoods to your ‘current diet’ you will immediately begin noticing some positive changes.

Base your diet on your ideal goal and use that as motivation, continue to convince yourself you are in it for life, without quick fixes and you will succeed.

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