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How to Become a Fitness Addict – Body By Bell

Your Fitness Addiction

Despite the fact that addiction represents a bad connotation, becoming a fitness addict is an over-exaggeration based on the healthy results that follow.

How to Stay Motivated

female-runningMotivation is the foundation for success in all aspects. Share this concept with your closest friends and family, together you will be able to talk about what truly motivates you to try harder.

One of the best ways to stay motivated is by waking up early in the morning. Keep this streak alive for as long as possible. You’ll dread it for the first few days or so, but after that, waking up early will start to feel energizing.

A study conducted by the University of North Texas found that people who woke up early for their workouts were actually more consistent than those who don’t. The last thing you need are distractions. Even if you only wake up an hour earlier than usual, you will find relaxation by having some alone time.

How to Find Your Clique

Not everyone can be motivated in the same manner. Are you the type of person who is more motivated when you are active with other people? Then it’s time to find your “clique.” Sort of like high school, just not as terrible, you can find a group of people who share similar interests. The main cliques are as categorized: Spinners, Zumba, Crossfit, Bodybuilders, Runners, etc,. The process of finding what best suits you may take a little time, but you’ll know it when you’ve found the one type of exercise that keeps you motivated and hungry for more… You glance at your watch, and “wow! it’s already been an hour?!.”

Becoming a fitness addict is like playing football in the Great State of Texas. You live it and breathe it. Today there are a few more options available. Apps, websites and communities are all resourceful tools conveniently at your disposal. Combine these options and you will forget about looking for ways to stay motivated.

How to Become a Groupie

Fit ClassesFitness is the relationship you should not be unfaithful to. You might need to hire a personal trainer for more intense motivational purposes, or you might need to join a group training session, or fitness class to have the support of others, or workout with your best friend. In any case, these relationships are important so it’s crucial that you leave the negativity somewhere else and show up on time.

Build a small group on your favorite social network and invite everyone you train with, even your trainers. Check it a few times a day and post to it, together you can share motivational quotes, advice and different ideas that will only further your gains.

How to Sport the New You

bodybybell-gym-is-my-office-fit-for-business-body-by-bell-personal-trainer-plano-tx-frisco-texas-the-colony-portland-or-hillsboro-oregon-dallas-little-elm-motivation-training-fitness-addictJust as any fitness expert will tell you, it’s vital that you treat yourself; this doesn’t mean to cheat yourself. Cheating yourself will only lead to you rereading this post, however, treating yourself gives you an edge of confidence. This same confidence is displayed by people who are simply happy with just the feeling of working out and giving their all. “But what’s life without an edge?”

Go out and spend some money every now and then, when it fits your budget, buy those new pair of workout shoes, yoga pants or fitness devices. Note the fact that this tip was not listed first, a few weeks down the line when you truly become a fitness addict you should start to dress like it, not before.

But Wait, There’s More!

What is too Much? Let’s face it, you’ve become an addict, plain and simple and there’s no such thing as too much. Stop! Please re-read that statement. Too much of anything is bad for you, including the good things. That’s why this is not titled “How to Become a Fitness Addict Today!” You have to ease into this friendly life-style. Don’t immediately start working out 3 times a day when you are only used to working out 3 times per week. Without transitioning into these changes you will only find yourself injured, or worse.

Humor, confidence, happiness and drive: are what you can experience by becoming a “fitness addict.” Apply these life-style tips & changes to start reaping the rewards you’ve dreamed of. Are you ready? …To be challenged