What if Fitness Was Fun - This is How You Make Fitness Fun
What if Fitness Was Fun – This is How You Make Fitness Fun

How Can We Make Fitness Fun?

I’m not the most knowledgeable about the anatomy of the human body or the science of how it functions. But what I do know works wonders. Everything from gaining muscle mass, getting ripped and melting fat to losing weight. Been there, done it all then taught it to others. Now with that said, if for some reason my advice is not working for you, I’d like to know more because what works for everyone else may not work for you.

The New Year is here and it pains me to say this, but a lot of people have forgotten about their resolutions, and more specifically some of those who have made fitness resolutions. Well, it’s never too late but in this situation yesterday is the best tomorrow. Stop procrastinating! Fitness can be fun; it’s only what you make it. Here are some tips to help switch things up quite a bit.

keep-calm-and-train-hard-how-to-make-fitness-fun-bodybybell-body-by-bell-gym-training-motivation-local-certified-personal-trainer-quotesRepetitions Can Be Boring

Even for me practicing the same motion over and over again gets old and quickly. So how can you overcome this? Easy. After stretching of course, instead of warming up by running on the treadmill or bike you should engage in a competitive game of basketball, tennis or any fun sport. Boxing is definitely a way to go.  Find something that you enjoy, with this you won’t get burned out as fast and it will help you  with my next tip.

Snoozing On the Set

If you’re engaged in the set and doing 3 to 8 sets, like you’re supposed to, it might be kind of hard to find the fun in that. Sure, you can stay focused and push through it; there are plenty of ways to overcome it. But I want you to be excited when you walk through the gym’s doors.  

Familiarize yourself with as much equipment as possible, find exercises with comfortable motions. I mean you’re going to strain and sweat but once you find exercises that have motions similar to those of your favorite sport or physical activity, it becomes much easier. From here all you have to do is visualize, safely-day-dream, as if you’re playing a game and really want to take home the trophy.

Don’t Forget to Switch

There’s circuit training, cross fit and interval training. Then there’s my type of training. If and when I do the same exercise, I won’t take a few minutes to rest and look around like I have nothing better to do. If your heart, lungs and brain don’t take breaks why should you? So you’ve just finished bench pressing, hustle over to the squat rack and bust out a good set. That’s if you’re only working out three times a week though, if more, then after  benching hit up some dumbbells and get some bicep curls in.

Again these are some useful tips that will help. Using these examples can help you lose weight, improve your endurance, boost recovery time between workouts, and get stronger and more defined muscles while having fun at the same time. Tell me, what could possibly be more fun than that? ..Please don’t say going home to check yourself out in the mirror or showing off your new body in a couple of months when summer hits, trust me I already know.

The quickest and most efficient way to get moving is to get motivated”  – D’Vaughn Bell

Are you ready for the next step? Once you have mastered the concept of Making Fitness Fun you should look toward Becoming a Fitness Addict.