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Bigger Biceps – Body By Bell

Want Bigger Biceps Fast?

Isolated bicep training is considered prehistoric in today’s fitness society. Many people only look to perform full-body workouts and compound exercises, for a good reason, this is the way training should be done. But what about the dawn of man, where we took pride in flexing our arms? 

Many experts claim that biceps have little to do with overall strength. Though, in my experience it really does help. Biceps are like an accessory, not a necessity. Meaning, that once you have built the rest of your body, then and only then should you look toward gaining bigger arms.

Isolated bicep and tricep exercises can be performed on the same days or even alternating days. However, I advise working your biceps on days you workout your back, and workout your triceps on chest days.

The triceps make up 80% of your arm’s size. Many bodybuilders often overlook biceps for this reason and only focus on getting bigger triceps.

Keys to Build Bigger Biceps

Shred your muscles from the bone, with proper post workout recovery your biceps will be able to handle this type of training. 

#1 – Always Lift Heavy! 

Every time you isolate your biceps you have to lift heavy, your muscles will demand more motor units to handle a heavier amount of tension.

#2 – No 2 Workouts the Same

Always mix things up, don’t ever do the exact same workout. It might sound tough, but there are so many different ways to perform a single exercise, once you get the hang of it, “it doesn’t become easier – you just get better.”

#3 – 5 x 5 and Then Some

dvaughn-bell-d'vaughn-post-workout-pump-fitness-frisco-plano-the-colony-texas-tx-motivation-gym-training-athleteThe 5 x 5 training method is a supreme form of strength training for gaining muscle mass, but your biceps need more! Max out, you have to barely be able to complete 5 reps for each of the 5 sets.

#4 – Post-Training Supersets

After you finish the last 5 reps of the last set, immediately jump into a superset to finish the workout, completely. Grab a lighter weight and attempt to workout with that weight til failure. 

#5 – Half and 3/4th Reps

Occasionally, on your off days, it is okay to attempt to lift a heavier weight or max-out. Instead of performing the full exercise and potentially damage your muscle, perform 1/2 or 3/4 of the given repetition. This will demand a little more from your muscles while they are already repairing.

Bigger Biceps: Synopsis

Although lifting heavy weights is required for building bigger biceps, don’t limit yourself to only isolated-bicep exercises. When you lift heavier weights your body naturally increases your testosterone production. Testosterone and Protein are two essential ingredients required for gaining mass. 

In a study conducted by Body By Bell, we asked over 500 women the muscular traits they admire most in men and it came down to: 

  1. Ripped Abs/ Especially Lower Abdomen
  2. Rock-Hard Glutes
  3. Big Arms
  4. Well-Defined Lower Back
  5. Chiseled Chest

“They used to tell me isolated-bicep exercises were useless until I started throwing 300+ lb offensive-linemen with one arm and stiff arming people into the ground. These 5 Training Methods are what I used to naturally take my single-arm bicep-curls from 60lbs to 125lbs in two years.” – D’Vaughn Bell