There have been many reports of people experiencing hysterical super strength. In 1982, Lawrenceville, GA, Angela Cavallo did something we define today as impossible. As any mother would proceed to attempt in this situation, she lifted a 3,500 pound 1964 Chevy Impala that was crushing her unconscious son, undeniably saving his life. In my opinion, hysterical strength is a genetic mechanism hard-coded deep within our DNA which can only be accessed by our subconscious, triggered by immense levels of adrenaline. If you were in a similar situation you would probably be able to lift this car as well.

Activating the Superhuman Within

The main key to harvesting super natural strength comes from activating the stress response. During a stressful or fearful experience, your hypothalamus gland is activated. This gland is responsible for maintaining homeostasis or balance throughout the entire body; in this case balance is reaching relaxation or ease. The hypothalamus has direct access to our nervous system framework, enabling the “fight or flight” response, it also has direct access to our adrenal medulla. The adrenal medulla is responsible for releasing the hormones epinephrine and adrenaline.

Activating Your Stress Response

The theory behind super strength is that we are only capable of activating and/or controlling a small percentage of our muscles, same as our brain. When adrenaline reaches our circulatory system, blood is pumped away from our stomach and geared towards our muscles. In turn, our muscles become so pumped with blood and oxygen making them temporarily stronger than usual. As with any type of training, increased tension and time under tension causes our body to adapt to such pressures. Unfortunately, if we were to reach this physical phenomenon for a long period of time it would ultimately kill us. Our muscles, joints, bones, tendons and brain haven’t adapted to these circumstances and neither has our nervous system and for good reason. These conditions would wear and tear away at our normal functions, in the same way that running on hard surfaces over extended periods of time do; or how steroid users are more prone to injury because their joints and tendons don’t grow with ridiculous muscle sizes.

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