When you think of becoming more fit, what image comes to your mind? Most likely, you might imagine yourself in the gym, lifting weights. This is the most common image people have of getting the results they want. It’s also the most common way people try to train their bodies. Unfortunately, weight-training does have some drawbacks.

For starters, it is tough on the joints. Lifting large weights regularly stresses the bones and causes micro-fissures to form. That weakens joints and can eventually turn into more serious health problems. Furthermore, each weightlifting exercise only works out one muscle group in isolation. This isn’t how the body moves in nature and can cause an imbalance in the body.

What Is Bodyweight Training and Why You Should Care

Bodyweight training is a style of training that only uses your body’s weight.

Just think. You’re walking around every day with a 100 to 200 pound weight. It’s your body. Every muscle and joint in your body was designed from human evolution in order to move your body.

All other animals in the wild, including our closest ancestors like gorillas, monkeys and apes all have extremely muscular physiques. The only way they work out is through their own bodyweight. When’s the last time you saw a gorilla lifting weights?

A Full Body Workout

When you use your bodyweight to do your workouts, you don’t just work out one muscle. You work out many muscles that surround that muscle as well.

Take the pull-up for example. Sure, this works out the biceps. But it also works out your chest, your back, your abs, even your butt. You can get an extremely toned body just from doing pull-ups.

A comparable workout in the gym using weights would only work out the biceps. Not only is this less effective, it’s also less natural and less healthy.

A Proven History of Precedence

Looking at a gym today, it’s hard to believe that bodyweight workouts could work. After all, nobody else seems to be doing it.

Yet in reality, some of the toughest and best built people in history used bodyweight workouts.

For example, the old Persian army used to use primarily bodyweight workouts. As depicted in the “300” movie, these people had rock-hard bodies.

Today’s Navy SEALs also use bodyweight workouts as one of their primary training tools.

Portable, Fast, Easy

Unlike going to the gym, bodyweight workouts can be done from your home. No 30-minute commute, no packing gym clothes and no expensive memberships. You can do them while on the road or on your lunch break.

To make a long story short, if you haven’t explored bodyweight workouts, you may want to look into it. You can truly build a picture-perfect body using nothing but your body.

High Intensity Cardio to Burn Fat Faster

Using high intensity cardio to burn fat faster is an approach that has been used by many, its benefits are huge and numerous, but it should always be done in a controlled environment and via a well set out plan. There is no doubt that this particular type of exercise does in fact burn fat a lot faster, but how does it actually work?

The reason why it works is because your body is being asked to produce a lot more energy than it has stored in order to deal with the intensity of the workout and it does this by burning off those fat reserves it has been keeping for a rainy day. Your body then has to keep producing energy even after you stop as it needs that in order to start repairing the muscles and settling your body after your strenuous workout.

It is also important to point out that this particular type of workout focuses on burning a different type of fat than what you would get doing a cardio workout that has a lower intensity such as a brisk walk. The problem with lower intensity cardio work is that it only gets your heart working to around 60% of the maximum heart rate, but this is not high enough for optimal fat burning in your body. Instead, you will only burn off the easy stuff, but the harder fat will still be there, so by increasing the intensity you burn off both types resulting in quicker weight loss.

There are other reasons why you should look at using this approach and one major reason is that you will then be able to deal with lactic acid a lot easier. It is this lactic acid build up that results in muscles becoming tired and burning with you then stopping, so by learning how to deal with this you can then workout for longer periods of time resulting in more calories and fat being burnt off and that weight disappears. This does take some time, but you at least know that while you are building up this resistance, your body is currently burning off fat as quickly as it needs to in order to give you energy to keep on working.

Finally, this approach results in improving the sensitivity of your body to insulin and the outcome of this is that the muscles are going to absorb the glucose, and use it to repair themselves and to get energy, rather than it being turned into fat stores. This does mean that when you burn off the fat, and then lose weight, it should stay that way rather than things fluctuating depending on how much exercise you have been doing during the week.

Using high intensity cardio to burn fat faster does indeed work, but you have to be prepared to put in a lot of work in order to achieve the best possible end result. By using this approach, your body will burn off fat as it needs that sudden surge of energy and you will also build lean muscle quicker so not only will you get fitter, but you will also notice a difference when you step on those scaled and this, after all, is the important part.

Summer is just about here, but in one month you can get great results by following some of my workout plans.