Lose Weight and Burn Fat Now

People often assume that weight loss requires taking very big steps. For example, committing to making a huge diet change, or committing to exercise four times a week.

While these kinds of huge proclamations can be effective for some, for most people this just doesn’t work in reality. People like to think they have the willpower to just completely turn their life upside down on a whim, but more often than not the changes don’t stick.

If you want to really create a lasting change, the best way to go about it is to do it in small steps.

Steps to a Better Diet

Changing your diet isn’t something you should try to do overnight. In fact, people who do try to change their diet overnight rarely manage to stick with their dietary goals.

Instead, try to change your diet one food at a time, one week at a time. For example, make it your goal for this coming week to eat a salad with two of your meals each day. That’s your only goal. You don’t need to count calories, you don’t need to reduce your food intake, and you don’t need to quit fast food. All you need to do is eat a salad.

Then the next week, you might make it your goal to stop eating fried foods. Again, if that’s your goal, it should be your only goal for the week. Don’t try to overdo it by implementing too many changes at once.

Making slow dietary changes gives your brain time to adjust and get used to your new habits. It also gives your biochemistry time to adjust to the shifting hormones, calorie levels and nutrition.

5 Superfoods for Weight Loss

These superfoods are healthy, nutritious, energy boosting, fat burning and metabolism efficient alternatives for supporting your immune system and health.

cacao_superfoods_bodybybell_body-by-bell-weight-loss-fitness-nutrition-proper-dieting1. Cacao

You can’t really go wrong with this tasty choice, it’s basically raw chocolate. Cacao is a rich source of fiber, magnesium, zinc and iron and also makes a great antidepressant.

goji-berries_superfoods_bodybybell_body-by-bell-weight-loss-fitness-nutrition-proper-dieting2. Goji Berries

Goji berries are one of the top most nutritious berries in the world. These berries are great for an energy boost because they contain a great amount of vitamins, minerals and are are an excellent source of amino acids. Goji berries alkalize the system, help build vitality, are anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting, protect the liver, improve eyesight, and also improve fertility and sexual function.

raw-coconut_superfoods_bodybybell_body-by-bell--weight-loss-fitness-nutrition-proper-dieting3. Raw Coconut

This superfood not only taste good but is an instant energy booster that works magic for your health. High levels of fiber and protein are found in coconuts. Research has proven that saturated fat found in coconut oil helps in supporting the immune system, nervous system, thyroid gland and is also great for your skin. It’s not just coconut, but also coconut water that can fill you with energy; it also balances your body pH level.

kale_superfoods_bodybybell_body-by-bell-weight-loss-fitness-nutrition-proper-dieting4. Kale

Kale is more than just the latest food fad. Not only is it a powerful antioxidant that helps in fighting infection but also detoxifies your liver. It also contains high amounts of calcium, iron and vitamins C and K.

chia-seeds_superfoods_bodybybell_body-by-bell-weight-loss-fitness-nutrition-proper-dieting5. Chia Seeds

These are high in calcium, B12, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, potassium and protein. They are great as antioxidants too. They can be found in smoothie recipes or sprinkled on cereal. These seeds can absorb a lot of water when you soak them. This makes them a good source of keeping your body hydrated, which in turn helps in keeping your energy levels high.

Incorporate a few of these superfoods into your daily diet and begin to feel the energy and health benefits almost immediately.

Small Steps to a Fat Burning Workout

Much like changing your diet, your workout habits should also be taken slowly. If you try to take on a workout schedule that’s too ambitious for you, there’s a very good chance you’ll experience some backlash.

Instead of trying to take on a huge exercise routine, start with just one or two days a week. Work out enough that you feel like you’re accomplishing your goals, but not so much that your whole body feels like it has gone through a washing machine. Once you’re in the habit of working out regularly, you can turn up the intensity.

In the beginning, however, it makes sense to take things a little bit slower.

The most important thing to internalize is the mindset shift. Instead of thinking “today is the day when I’m going to make a huge change in my life,” start thinking in terms of “I’m going to make a slow and lasting change.” That’s how real change is done.

3 Simple Exercises to Lose Weight

Maybe you just started your regular exercise routine, but you are still perplexed by the various workout machines and fitness programs available. In other words, choosing a mix of exercises that can perfectly suit your needs can often be confusing. In the case of those who want to cut weight, upper abdominal exercises are a great choice.

Here’s the thing exercises for weight loss are divided into three types: General Physical Activity, Resistance and Aerobic exercises.

Physical Activities

Refer to exercises you get from taking the effort in moving your body during daily tasks. In today’s society where many people have become lazier on a physical level, this upper abdominal exercise is crucial. General physical activities are actually anaerobic exercises that involve a lot of arm exercises. To help you get started, here are few tips:

Walk everyday. For every 4-10 minute walks around your neighborhood, at the mall or anywhere else, your body burns 100-150 calories daily. However, that depends on your gender, weight and how fast you walk.

Play a sport. Instead of only watching your favorite basketball, tennis or football games on TV, why not play them as well? Get a taste of what it feels like to be in the shoes of your favorite athletes by participating in any sports activities within your community. This doesn’t mean to go out, buy the newest pair of Air Jordans and call it quits. Let the fun of competing with others help you get the weight-loss exercise you need.

Take a walk at the stairs. Stair climbing is a good anaerobic exercise that helps strengthen your leg muscles. Here’s a little reminder: when climbing the stairs, avoid wearing slippery footwear otherwise accidents may happen.

Resistance Exercises

Are a series of meticulous fat-burning activities, but it does not guarantee the muscle strengthening you want. Few examples of resistance exercises for weight loss includes push-ups, pull-ups, use of weight training machines, leg lifts, crunches, Pilates and other floor exercises. Tip: Doing 20 – 30 minutes of resistance exercises (2-3 times weekly) is a good weight loss regimen.

Aerobic Exercises

Generally focuses on improving the body’s respiration and heart rate. This simple weight loss exercise is classified into two types: Low Impact and High Impact. Walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, rowing, water aerobics and use of elliptical training machines are examples of low impact exercises. Meanwhile dancing, kickboxing, tennis, football, boxing, soccer and basketball are examples of high impact exercises.