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3 Best Anti-Estrogenic Foods for Men – Body By Bell

Naturally Lower Estrogen Levels in Men

You have been working hard but there are still a few methods you can implement today to start maximizing your results. Estrogen is formerly known as the female hormone but men produce this hormone as well, the best we can do is limit the amount our bodies will naturally generate. 

Estrogen in men has been deemed “toxic” by the health & fitness industry for some time. When you begin to lower the amount of estrogen in your body, you will begin to notice that your muscles are much more defined and will easily maintain that rock-hard-chiseled-like appeal. On the flip side, naturally increasing your testosterone levels will fabricate even more benefits to your physique.

Stay Clear of Synthetic Materials & Processed Foods

evolution of estrogen - lower estrogenic function - boost testosterone naturally - fitness portland or - oregon gym motivation - dallas txWe live in a society where estrogen is everywhere, men these days are considered to be “soft” compare to our previous generations. With technological advancements, studies show an increase in the amount of estrogen our bodies produce as well as a decrease in testosterone levels and production, caused by pollution and processed foods. Animals are constantly being injected with synthetic hormones to maximize their yielding potential. Processed foods are terrible for your health now and in the long run. 

However, it is not only processed foods and our environment that are causing these estrogen spikes. There are chemical estrogens found in certain shampoos, cosmetic and personal care products, plastic bottles, oil-based coatings and pesticides.  

Functional Medicine Expert Dr. Bob Rakowski clearly states that “living on earth is a risk for toxic estrogen exposure.” Too much estrogen is never a good thing, not even for women. 

Studies indicate that genetics and obesity only contribute to a mere 30% of the cancers that affect our sex organs; however, the cause for the remaining 70% is still unclear. This is more than likely due to chemical estrogen exposure and metabolic problems caused by poor dieting and living a sedentary lifestyle.   

How to Improve Your Diet and Lower Estrogen Levels

Low Carbs, High Protein, Omega 3 Fatty Acids

First and foremost, by transforming your diet into one that contains a low amount of simple carbs and is high in complex carbohydrates, you will immediately begin helping your body to detoxify estrogens while providing adequate fiber. 

Avoid excess estrogen by managing your insulin which is also great for your body composition. 

Getting carbs from fruit and vegetable sources will provide the essential lignans and fibers needed for intestinal health and increase antioxidant levels, which will demolish the free radicals that are produced by estrogen, traveling down the C-16 pathway.

Found in fish are the Omega 3’s which are shown to promote the C-2 pathway over the C-16, particularly EPA Omega 3 Fatty Acids. However, a diet low in Omega 3 is proven to result in estrogen being metabolized primarily through the C-16 pathway. Proper dieting and/ or supplementation containing high concentrations of EPA and DHA Fish Oil daily are recommended for effectively metabolizing estrogen.  

A low protein diet will results in poor body composition and will decrease the activity levels of the super-protein known as Cytochrome P450 which detoxifies estrogen. Lysine and Threonine are amino acids that support healthy liver functioning and since the liver is responsible for metabolizing estrogen, these proteins can aid in removing estrogen from the body. Lysine and threonine are commonly found in meats, fish, eggs, beans, sesame seeds and fenugreek. Sesame seeds are also a reliable source of fiber and fenugreek helps lower the insulin response to carbohydrates, making both, an estrogen lowering ‘must have’ for your diet.

Lower Estrogen, Enhance Testosterone

Utilize your fat intake by implementing Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Monounsaturated fats. Your body needs fat in order to produce testosterone but be mindful of the type of fat you consume. Monounsaturated fat is a great source and can be found in olive oil, avocados and nuts. Nuts are another source of protein as well.

3 Best Anti-Estrogenic Foods for Men

Avoid simple carbs such as grains – whole or refined – as much as possible. These will raise your estrogen levels and lower your testosterone production. Replace simple carbs with complex carbs contained in fruits and vegetables. Instead of eating normal vegetables give these three cruciferous vegetables a try: Broccoli, Cabbage and Kale.

Cruciferous vegetables are especially known for their anti-estrogenic effects, and have shown some type of connection for lowering the risk of cancer. Cruciferous vegetables are high in (disease abolishing) phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, fiber and work by blocking estrogen production. 

I have noticed that these three cruciferous vegetables are also classified as lignans. As I mentioned earlier lignans are great for intestinal health and are packed with antioxidants but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the capabilities from lignans, alone. 

  • Lignans inhibit particular enzymes responsible for converting testosterone into DHT, resulting in lower DHT which has been shown to improve prostate health. 
  • Lignans also inhibit the HSD enzyme which reduces cortisol, the unhealthy-stress hormone.
  • Lignans reduce bad cholesterol levels.

A study conducted by Oregon State University (OSU, 2005) declares that, “lignan-rich foods are part of a healthful dietary pattern.” 

Balance Estrogen and Testosterone Production

As this article concludes I’d like to inform you even more on the concept of balance. Body By Bell was founded on the concept of balance. In reference to this article, it is important to realize that when we proceed to block and/ or lower the natural production of estrogen, our bodies will try to maintain homeostasis or balance. Your body does this by lowering the amount of testosterone you naturally produce. You can void off this effect by consistently maintaining a healthy diet and lifting weights which are both great ways to increase your natural production of testosterone. 

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