About Body By Bell

The Man Behind The Movement

D’Vaughn Bell is a personal trainer, health, fitness and nutrition coach. “CEO and founder of Body By Bell the high school concept turned well branded health and fitness movement. D’Vaughn Bell is no doubt an up and coming business man, author, and humanitarian.” – Lisa M. Wynn… Young Black Entrepreneur

The Body By Bell Mission

best-personal-trainer-frisco-tx-plano-the-colony-dallas-texas-hillsboro-or-beaverton-oregon-portlandI started Body By Bell in 2012 when I was 18 years old with the goal of improving the lives of many. I began lifting weights at a young age and over time I noticed that not as many people were able to adapt to exercise. When I became older and started training friends and family members I also noticed they all had one thing in common, besides wanting a healthy body, they had problems with staying motivated.

As a former athlete I had taught myself how to love the pain and soreness the days after working out extremely hard. I pushed myself beyond my limits but quickly found that not everyone wants to train like they are trying out for the Olympics. Life is a journey. Are you anxious to get to the destination? The same thing applies to health and fitness, along the way you will reach goals and milestones but the thrill comes from the journey itself; the point is the sense of fulfillment when it’s over.

Motivation is the foundation for success, this applies to every concept in life, and without it nothing would ever be accomplished. Body By Bell aims to not only motivate you but help you find what motivates yourself so that you may stay motivated. Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to your fitness goals. If you agree with motivation being the foundation for success like the Body By Bell Facebook Page.

The Body By Bell Offer

The Official Body By Bell (@BodyByBell) Personal Training, Health, Nutrition and Fitness philosophy believes Fitness should be fun. We provide the right combination of mental and physical stimulation through proper exercise and motivation techniques. It’s ultimately impossible for you to reach your goals if you lack the proper motivation.

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With the right information and proper motivation techniques what is stopping you from being successful and healthy? The only options left are the excuses you might be making, which we can fix!

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Founded: August 1, 2012
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