The process of business can be defined through wisdom and experience, not to mention passion and drive, development, replication, then development and motivation. A repetitive process that never ends, the best you can do is to prepare your mind so that you are always motivated,

so that your fuel will never run dry. Empower your mind so that you never lose sight of your goals, no matter how far they might seem at times. We all face hardships it is one of life’s natural occurring phases but if we can not only embrace this but truly take advantage of the underlying beauty within it, we have developed a tenacious mentality that is both starving and striving for success. In all aspects of life, in some way or another they are all connected, whether you are in tuned with realizing “the signs” or whether your belief resides in a higher power, prayerfully God, nothing goes without consequence or recognition.

Body By Bell is the insignia that represents this philosophy. The fact remains that we all will faces challenges, I’m not speaking anything into existence I am just stating the fact. If you are prepared for these tests, mentality, physically and spiritually you are more susceptible to self improvement.  If you do not have faith in anything at the very least you will need to have faith in yourself, as this is the development phase. Life is not just a game but it is a professional game that can be mastered by anyone. Life is also business, politics, religion, morals and health and fitness.  Master one and the rest are consequences. The breakdown of my quote “With the right mindset health and fitness become side-effects” is the process and realization of knowing that you are here to accomplish important things for yourself and others.

Prepare your mind and body because there are no limits to what we can achieve together. When life hands you lemons, demonstrate your mind and body which is the sugar that makes the lemonade both sweeter and healthier. Here’s a toast to commitment! Are you ready to live a better lifestyle?

What is the Meaning of Fitness?

This blog is the introduction from a book I am writing that should help with understanding the concept of fitness. I believe this can be useful information to everyone.

The definition of Fitness is the quality of being suitable to accomplish a particular role or task.  What does the word fitness mean to you?  To each person, it’s something different.  For me it is a way of improving life in all aspects, not only health.  To many people it’s a word that brings on the cringe of pain, of doing something they simply hate and even something they will avoid at all possible costs.  But, that’s not necessary for most people.

Truth be told, fitness can be enjoyable if you know how to make it be just that.  Through this book, I am willing to share will you several very key fundamentals to keeping yourself fit.  All of these concepts are things that you can do easily, without much help and with the ability to see benefits.

Fitness is a term most commonly used to help define the ability to stay in the best physical shape.  You might be asking yourself, “What am I staying in shape for?”  For every person, the answer to this question will be different somehow.

For most, it is a matter of staying healthy as long as possible.  You see, our bodies are designed to work as a machine.  And when each part of the machine is cared for, the entire machine operates the best that it can.  But when the machine is neglected in part or whole, then the machine won’t run well and eventually won’t run at all.

If a car, for example, is well maintained for many years, it will last many years longer.  If it isn’t taken care of, for example you don’t change the oil in it, you cut several years off the life of the car.  That’s costly to you, and in comparison with your body, you are shaving away days, weeks, and even years off of your life when you don’t take care of your machine (your body.)

Fitness is a necessary part of life.  Before I get on the soap box, just remember that fitness is something that you can form the habit of doing which makes it easy.

Fitness is not something that you have to struggle with.  When you were three years old you were probably taught to brush your teeth.  You learned to put your clothes on.  Put your shoes on.  Take your shoes off. When you were learning how to do these things, you were likely irritated by it.  But, once you learned how to do it, it became something that you didn’t think twice about.  Do you worry about brushing your teeth today?  No..  Because?  It’s a habit, and to be exact, a good one.  That’s what I want you to think of when you think of “fitness”…  Fitness…  Fitness.

It’s just something that you do.  Granted, the first weeks of learning to be fit and staying healthy will be the hardest.  You’ll dread it.  You’ll find every excuse in the world about not doing it.  You’ll claim that getting fit is just too hard.  You just can’t give up what you love.  That’s not true. In fact, if you have the will power to save your life by sacrificing for just a few weeks, you’ll see that fitness can be easily mastered by you.

Our first goal is to determine where you stand right now.  Don’t worry, this is painless, but it may hurt your ego a bit to do it.  Nevertheless, it’s an important first step.

So be sure to email me  for your free fitness consultation, evaluation, analysis and goal assessment.