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“A year ago I had a bad back injury from my marine corps training. I was clueless as to how I could strengthen my back and when the pain would go away and become mobile again. But then I met Bell. I told him my problems about my back and my unhealthy lifestyle because I THOUGHT I was restrained from doing any back workouts. But he was very knowledgeable in his methods and training style. He taught me ways to workout my back that would help it. But not only did he just tell me what to do, he showed it to me. He also taught me that working out just my back wouldn’t fix it, that I needed to work on my core muscles. I became more knowledgeable about my problems and he has helped me get back on my feet and pursue my dreams of becoming a personal trainer and a bodybuilder.

He’s not just a personal trainer to me but also a great mentor, instilling dedication and motivation in me to keep pushing myself to become stronger and healthier.”

Chris, Jee – Fairfax, Virginia

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“Hello, my name is Nicholas McClenathan. I’m a 19 year old bodybuilder and I have been lifting since I was little. When I first started bodybuilding I thought I knew what I needed to know but in reality I knew all the wrong things. I wanted to get big fast so I took supplements that turned out bad for my health. I worked out wrong until I met Bell. It wasn’t until MOS School in the Marine Corps where I met him and he started teaching me what I needed to do to get bigger. Now, I take the same supplements as him and I workout with him. He has shown a great insight on what bodybuilding really is and how I can get better and bigger. I believe that if you let him train you, you will be pleased with whatever results you want to get.

If you want to get slim and tone down he can help, if you want to bulk up he can also help with that. Also his website @bodybybell is a great way to find out more programs and more nutrition facts on what plan you want.”

Nicholas McClenathan – 

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The key is to not give up.. No matter how hard it is, no matter how long it takes. Stay tenacious and hungry for greatness.

-D’Vaughn Bell, 2015