Some days aren’t the best and on those days a little motivation could make or break you. That’s why following these five celebrities on your favorite social media sites can help boost your mindset and keep you on track to reaching your goals.

#1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


The Rock is #1 on my list because much like mine, his whole life is based around the gym. However, he’s constantly creating motivational workout videos, inspiring bodybuilders with quotes and giving his fans what they want (an entertainer.) His professional career started out as a WWE wrestler where he became known for his size and charisma, which landed him major movie roles. No matter how busy he gets he always has time to motivate his fans.


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#2. CT Fletcher


I don’t know if it’s his “No F***s Given” demeanor or the fact that he says “F***” every other word, CT Fletcher is intense. He’s got one of the toughest backgrounds. His attitude towards the gym hasn’t change even after staring death in the face numerous times. No matter what happens or when it happened, the fact remains that ISYMFS ” It’s Still Yo MuthaF****n Set.”

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#3. Jen Selter


Jennifer Selter possesses the physique all women crave. Men and women admire her for this. After mastering the perfect mix of cardio and calisthenics, she made her break through social media, posting exercises and workouts on how to build a better butt, legs and abs. After seeing success she became a model and is now an even bigger advocate of health, motivation and fitness.

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#4. Torrie Wilson


Having spent most of her career as a WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson became known for being in great shape. She became a model, entrepreneur and eventually decided to pursue fitness. With her new website getting ready to launch she has been posting more fitness tips and motivation.

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#5. Vin Diesel


On and off screen Vin Diesel is a legend. As his career progressed so did his body, he’s one of the more naturally built physiques out there. Much like The Rock his movie roles are always “the good guy” but he’s always kicking butt with his fight scenes.

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Celebrities like Torrie Wilson, Vin Diesel, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise are great examples of how age isn’t a factor when it comes to getting and staying in shape. Most people would argue that it’s because they have more time and money for trainers, products, etc. That’s not it. I’d imagine if you were famous you would have less time to stay in shape. The people on this list have all chosen to base their lives around health, fitness and inspiring others while doing their job.

There are athletes out there like Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman who have struggled and yet continue to motivate people everyday. But if you follow these top five celebrities you’ll see more motivational post throughout each day and it might just improve your whole attitude.