Latin, Scientific and Medical Name: Morinda Citrifolia

Other International Names for Noni: Great Morinda, Nunaakai, Noni fruit, Noni juice, Indian Mulberry, Morinda, Hog Apple, Meng Koedoe, Mora de la India, Ruibarbo Caribe, Wild Pine, Canary Wood, Mengkudu, Apatot, Kumudu & Pace.

Over the years Noni has become increasingly popular, among the media and word of mouth, Noni has been recognized as one of the best superfoods. How would you like to know all the benefits of Noni as well as some great methods for taking it? 

Benefits of Noni

Noni was originally used in medicine for its topical benefits from applying it to the skin. It not only moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and other signs of aging but Noni also helps to relieve infections, wounds, sores and burns by applying it to the injured area. Also, Web MD claims that people “use Noni for arthritis by wrapping it around the affected joints or apply it to the forehead for headache relief.

57 Word of Mouth & Media Noni Treatments

Addiction Age-related Spinal Damage Allergies Arthritis Asthma Atherosclerosis
Bone Fractures Broken Bones Cholesterol Problems Colds Colic Constipation
Cough Cuts & Wounds Deep Bruising Depression Diabetes Digestion Problems
Enlarged Spleen Exercise Performance Eye Cataracts Fever Flu Head Lice
Headaches Hearing Loss Heart Disease Heart Trouble Hernias High Blood Pressure
HIV Hypertension Infections Inflammation Injuries Kidney Disorders
Liver Problems Loss of Appetite Menstrual Cramps/Problems Migraine Nausea Osteoarthritis
Pain Psoriasis Reducing Signs of Aging Rheumatism Seizures Senility
Sinus Infections Smallpox Sore Throat Sprains Stroke Swelling
Treats Cancer Ulcers Urinary Discharge/Problems      

Scientific Research Proven Benefits of Noni

The National Center of Complimentary and Integrative Health or NCCIH has collected laboratory research and concluded the following results: 

Noni contains antioxidant, immune-stimulating and tumor-fighting properties. These results suggest that Noni may warrant further study for conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. However, Noni has not been well studied in people for any health condition.