6 Best Personal Training Traits

Have you decided to become a personal trainer? Would you like to make a great living, with competitive salaries and wages, along with a flexible schedule? The best part of becoming a personal trainer is the opportunity you gain which enables you to help improve the lives, health and fitness of other people. Being a personal trainer is a tough job and is not for everyone. Every personal trainer is different but those who are successful all share a few qualities.

6 Qualities all of the Best Personal Trainers Share

1. Knowledgeable

Often times this is conveyed through education but that is not all, the best personal trainers are well educated in the manner of each and every one of their clients. To become the best personal trainer you have to know as much as possible about the people you are teaching. Get to know their daily habits, personal goals, triumphs, aspirations, learning how both their mind and body work will make you the best personal trainer.

Granted you are already familiar with strategies, proper lifting techniques, rehabilitation, proper dieting and meal planning. If you are not, it is of utmost importance to either learn or gain access to resources from which you can.

2. Always Learning

The world of health and fitness is always changing and improving, almost at the rate of technology, new studies are being confirmed and fitness trends are beginning to plant deep roots in the health and fitness industry. As a personal trainer it is your job to not only follow these trends, but gain a massive understanding of what actually works and what does not. If you can balance traditional programs with new cutting edge trends that bring results, your clients will thank you for it and you will gain the title of being the best personal trainer in your community.

3. Positive Motivator

In the early stages of personal training history, negative motivation was a method used for pushing clients over the edge. This method brought results but to what extent? The long-term effects of using negative motivation are what drive people to quit. Personal trainers today are beginning to take a more caring approach but you have to be assertive; not passive nor aggressive.

If you can keep your client focused on their goals through motivation, inspiration and encouragement you will ensure that they are enjoying their workout, you as their personal trainer and they will keep coming back for more.

4. Health/ Fitness Role Model

Becoming a health and fitness role model is not a necessity for any personal trainer. For a brief second I will be your personal trainer and ask you the same thing I ask my clients, “why limit yourself?” Most successful personal trainers have established themselves as a public authority, figure, and/ or role model. By providing this role model to your clients and living a healthy and fit life you reveal the positive message of “It can be done.” Personal trainers who are in great shape usually attract new clients. When you become well established it will also show your clients that they are getting a better deal by coming to you for their personal training services.

5. Flexible

One of the more important qualities of the best personal trainers is being flexible. Your approach to every client should not be the same or rehearsed, it should always be unique and sincere. Everyone has different needs when it comes to health, fitness, personal training and their needs are critical to your success as a personal trainer. The most important aspect is taking the time to cater your personal training services to suit each and every client’s situation.  

Are you a successful personal trainer but don’t have the time? Essentially you will need to make the time. Go the extra mile, just as you tell your clients, so that you induce the mentality of putting your client’s needs before yours. Emergencies are the exception of course, but practice and establish good prioritization techniques.

6. Give Back

These 5 qualities are what the best personal trainers are doing each and every day. Would you like to become an even better personal trainer? Give back to your community, show your appreciation and do it from the good of your heart. Donating proceeds to a charity of your choice is a great way to show your love financially, but also do volunteer work as much as possible, once a week, month and at the very least once a year. By giving back, you are taking pride in yourself as the best personal trainer while also helping others, and this is what personal training is all about.