Looking for the best personal trainer in Dallas?

Whether you’re new here or Texas has been your home since you were born, you found your way to my site because we have a few things in common. One of those being that you’re looking to get trained by one of the best and most motivating personal trainers today.

I know, that’s quite the bold statement!

Having started my fitness journey at the young age of 9, I know exactly what it takes to bring your personal goals to life. As a competitive athlete, I know how to take your body and performance to the next level you’re looking for. As a Marine, I know how to push both your mind and body over the edge resulting in the physique you have been trying to get since high school. The best part about all of this is that we will do it together, naturally!

I imagine you’re looking to burn fat and tone up, build muscle and strength, run faster, jump higher and increase your overall physical performance. You’re looking to build the body of your dreams.

Unfortunately, most people do not know what their dream body even looks like. Today, it’s hard to decipher what’s natural and what’s not. Having studied this for years, I have tested many methods that work for every body type.

Together we will train for strength, (don’t worry ladies you won’t get bulky) we will train for full muscular development and functionality, muscular endurance, focus on getting you beach ready and as shredded and as cut as you can humanly be. You will see increases in athletic capabilities such as increases in your vertical jump, acceleration speeds, agility, hand-eye coordination and much more. My training is ideal for athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and even everyday people wanting to look like celebrities.

I do a lot of online personal training, which means I have clients based all over the world. Since you are local and near me, we can actually set some time aside to meet for a free consultation and analysis. This way I can get a better understanding of your body type, your goals and begin developing a custom workout and nutrition plan designed specifically and only for you.

On the other hand, if you prefer a different type of routine I regularly workout and train people, this allows you to shadow my movements, see what exercises I perform and how I perform them to get the body I currently have. Some people prefer this option because it does not require a major lifestyle change, only the determination to get to the gym and get after it! Plus you’ll have me there to motivate you through every single repetition.

Remember those trainers in grade school who were out of shape? Weren’t they the ones that were yelling at you the most? Well, one thing you will learn fairly quickly about myself and style of training is that I won’t have you doing anything I won’t do myself. I demonstrate everything because you won’t find my workouts online or anywhere else. In fact, some lifts and exercises have actually been taken from my training programs.

Dallas, Texas is one of the largest cities in America. On top of that we are also located right next to (at the time of writing this) the fasted growing city in America which is Frisco, Texas. The Dallas-Fort-Worth (DFW) metroplex is a vast city, and as a whole we are becoming healthier every day (pretty soon we’ll be as active as Portland, Oregon). If anything, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter my username will always be “Body By Bell” (@bodybybell). I’m on other social media channels as well where I post motivational workout videos and images because sometimes that’s what we truly need to get to the gym.

Then from there, follow my workout and training programs, allow me to personally train you and tear down the limitations your lifestyle has placed on your mind and body. My passion is pushing people’s boundaries then watching how it can benefit their lives both short and long-term.

Training isn’t a ‘one-way’ or just ‘do what I say’ show. The more I train, the more I learn. Teach me a new way to train a new body type, and I will reward you with knowledge about health and the human body beyond your imagination. I’ll tell you the right super-foods to eat, different herbs that will help with any type of health problems you’re suffering from; we’ll reverse and slow down your body from aging and deteriorating. You’ll wake up every morning feeling refreshed, relaxed and alive. I’ll give you exercises to do at home to train your mind, help with mental clarity and focus, which is something needed in-and-out of the gym.

Again, Dallas is a big city. I also train the surrounding areas with current clients in nearby towns such as Frisco, Plano, Allen, Addison, Little Elm, The Colony, Richardson, Carrolton, Lewisville, TX and many more. When you become part of my training, you become part of the whole Body By Bell network. I’ll introduce you to other people who will help inspire you along the way. Other’s results will motivate you and you will remove any lingering self-doubts and won’t have any excuses as to why you can’t reach your true potential.

Health and fitness are more than just physical. Your mind and body in sync will give you more confidence and self-esteem than you’ll know what to do with. Start waking up in the morning proud to look at yourself in the mirror because you’ve earned every muscle striation and every cut. Start waking up proud to have joined the Body By Bell brand and start waking up to start living.