Personal Trainer Plano, TX

Do you live near Plano, Texas? How would you like to have an inspirational personal trainer and motivational coach? D’Vaughn Bell is a (CPT) Certified Personal Trainer, the CEO and Founder of Body By Bell and currently training people who live in the DFW-Metroplex.

Personal Trainer Plano, TX – Fitness Texas

“Plano, TX is where it all began. I went to Plano West Senior High School and that is where I began my journey into the world of health and fitness. It wasn’t long after that, it almost seemed over night, I would have class mates asking to work out with me. Then suddenly dozens of people wanted me to start training them. I remember showing up to school 2 hours early, staying 2 hours late, and working out during my lunch break. Unfortunately I made all the sport’s teams look bad.

My passion has always been sports but I decided to leave that behind so I could pursue personal training. I love the impact personal training can leave on someone, especially because I enjoy getting to know my clients, what motivates them and essentially work together to get them results they never thought possible.

I have met with many personal trainers, I have even gone to other gyms and paid for personal training services but I believe that I am different. I can offer what most personal trainers and gyms cannot offer. Not only do I recognize that personal training is a team effort from both the client and the trainer, but most personal trainers do not help expand the minds of their clients. I am often told that I have an old soul. I feel this comes from different types of communication as well as the desire to want to help people beyond the gym.

This is why Body By Bell is based on finding, building and maintaining balance of the mind and body. This incorporates fun physical and mental exercises, which will keep you motivated, energized and focused.

Before we begin, I want you to allow yourself to accept the fact that fitness is a journey. The destination is your long-term goal, do not focus on this, but concentrate on the fun you will have passing goals and milestones along the way. This will make the destination much sweeter.

Are you ready to make the health, fitness, motivation, and nutritional commitment for a better life, mind and body? “