HIIT hard or go home with this great workout because everyone is looking for a leaner body. Is this the one fitness craze that will do it? Here’s why we give it 5 stars:


Since this is high intensity training, hiit really only takes a maximum of 30 minutes a few days a week. Many people prefer to do this type of workout in the morning because it gets your blood pumping and spikes your energy levels by increasing your metabolism. Just set you alarm for 30 minutes earlier than you’re used to.


Depending on your level of fitness and your budget you could spend anywhere from no money to a lot with hiit, although, there are currently no pieces of equipment specific to high intensity interval training.


The versatility available with high intensity interval training is crazy. You can choose to use bodyweight, weightlifting or any type of exercise for hiit training. This is the main reason for it being so fun, as long as your creative juices are flowing you will always find ways to switch it up.

Quick, affordable and fun workouts are waiting with high intensity interval training. On a scale of 1 to 5 how would you rate it?