This is yet another key to help accelerate your fitness goals and is very unique to each individual. The first step in building your ultimate workout playlist is to evaluate your moods. What type of music gets your adrenal glands pumping? I’m an extremist, for me any type of music with bass and edgy death defying lyrics will immediately get me going. This is important; I have met people who enjoy working out to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony! In complete shock I have asked them “how or why?” they respectively answer “Because it helps me think clearly.” Do you enjoy going to the club and dancing? If so then you might want to consider adding dubstep to your playlist.

The relationship between exercise and music is slowly being studied but through experience I can vouch for music as being a distinct catalyst for motivation during your workouts. Though, studies do show a direct correlation of choosing songs that mirror your heart rate, build your playlist on this foundation. Measure your heart rate throughout different phases of your workouts and match it with songs that hold the same bmp tempo.

No one likes to listen to gym music and most people don’t like to be interrupted during a set, correct? The best alternative to prevent these things from happening is to listen to music while you workout. Not only will it make the experience more enjoyable, you can retain more focus and increase your endurance through the power of motivation.