30 Day 8 Pack Abs Fitness Challenge


Always Challenge Yourself

The 30 Day 8 Pack Abs Fitness Challenge is a continuation of the last abs challenge. If you are trying to get leaner and better looking abs this challenge is definitely for you. 

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it is past time to start taking your health and fitness more serious. These past two fitness challenges have been designed to help balance out your holiday eating habits. 

Most of our results come from the kitchen and proper dieting, but at the same time, we are allowed a few cheat meals every so often. By not treating ourselves we are more likely to burn out and stop caring about our health altogether. 

It is much easier to maintain your physique by consistently working out and eating healthy. It is also less stressful and time consuming when you have a complete workout laid out in front of you. No excuses I only want to see results. 

Mapping out your New Year’s Resolutions take time, following through with them requires both preparation and determination. The idea of these fitness challenges is to put you ahead of schedule so that when the New Year is here you will already be much closer to your goals.

Quick & Easy Dieting Tips

Recent studies indicate that you may still see solid results by controlling your meal portions vs. macro-nutrient counting (carbs, protein, fat and calories.) Of course by eating 6 small square meals a day, you will boost your metabolism, effectively allowing you to burn more calories and lose more weight. Generally you want to eat slightly larger meals earlier in the day, this will kickstart your metabolism, and eat smaller meals later in the day. Cut your carbs after dinner, there’s nothing wrong with having a snack a few hours before going to bed but make sure there are virtually no carbohydrates in these snacks. 

If you are trying to lose weight, eating 500 less calories than you burn on a daily basis will allow you to lose a healthy 1 pound per week. The opposite applies for those who are trying to healthily gain weight, eat 500 more calories than burned on a daily basis. There are many other factors that effect the amount of weight you gain or lose, but this way is the most promising.