30 Day Ultimate Abs Fitness Challenge

Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

This challenged was designed with you in mind. Are you looking to tone your abs, burn some extra belly fat and build a solid core? Through dedication, determination and consistency, the 30 day build up of these workouts will accomplish yours goals.

This challenge maintained some of the main structure as the first 30 Day Abs Fitness Challenge but with a few upgrades. 

  • Instead of performing 4 exercises per day you will do 5
  • A few more exercises have been added
  • Instead of having days off, there is a progressive circuit training workout that will keep you engaged and humble
  • This challenge now comes in an eBook format with a printer friendly achievement tracker. 

Each day of this challenge was designed to test you more than the last. The beauty of these challenges are that they combine bodyweight training exercises with the progressive overload training principle. This challenge is not just impossible for you beginners and those of you who are in great shape will still be tested. Click below for the free eBook.

Ultimate Abs 30 Day Fitness Challenge