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Ultimate Full-Body Workout – Body By Bell

Gaining lean muscle mass is a highly sought after feature which can be obtained by applying concentration, discipline and of course this ultimate workout. Are you ready to rethink your workout, more-so, are you ready to take it to the next level? The keys to success with this workout are preparation, weight training at a high intensity and further optimizing your post-workout habits. 

We want to gear our focus towards heavier lifting so that our muscles can quickly begin to recruit more cellular motor units, enabling your body to become more adaptive to strenuous levels of exhaustion; making it more difficult to hit muscle fatigue. 

With the addition of cardio exercises that allow your body to burn more fat, even hours after working out, this emphasis helps you to avoid over-training while preserving more muscle mass. 


This workout is catered to full-body development. Bodybuilders and weightlifters often overemphasize their time in the gym and undervalue their recovery. It is best to rest at least 1 to 2 days before attempting this workout again. However, during the recovery phase of your workout regimen it is always advised to stimulate your core even more with additional exercises, hydration and healthy dieting.

Transform your body into a lean-muscle building, fat burning and age defying machine.


  • 3-5 Minutes of Light Stretching
  • 30 Burpees – Moderate Intensity
  • 30 Jumping Jacks – High Intensity

The Ultimate Full-Body Workout:

  • Powercleans: 6 to 8 Reps

30 Second Rest

  • Weighted Pull-ups: 12 Reps

30 Second Rest

  • Heavy Squats: 6 to 8 Reps

30 Second Rest

  • Weighted Dips: 12 Reps

30 Second Rest

  • Dead-lifts: 6 to 8 Reps

2-3 Minute Rest: Controlled Breathing, Hydration & More Stretches

  • Repeat for a Total of 3 Sets

Cool Down:

  • 30 Body-weight Jump Squats
  • 3-5 minutes of light jogging

Notice that there are three full-on mass building exercises compiled into one workout? Ideally when you are trying to burn fat and gain solid-lean muscle mass you are going to max-out with these lifts. The focus here is to push 80-85% of your max on these 3 exercises. To do so we need to complete these three main exercises near the 6 to 8 rep range. 

dvaughn-bell-bodybybell-personal-trainer-ultimate-fitness-workout-frisco-tx-dallas-texas-plano-training-mckinneyFor the pull-ups and dips we want to stay as close to 12 reps as possible, if you cannot complete a full set then you must lower the weight or have someone spot you through the last rep or two. The weight for these exercises will be 70% of your 1 rep max.

Powercleans utilize an immense amount of energy and for this reason they are done first. Moving on to pull-ups to give your lower body a rest before jumping into heavy squats, which also produce strenuous exertion. Weighted dips will allow your body to recover from the heavy squats before proceeding to perform dead-lifts. 

Also consider the fact that there are tasks to be done during your rest periods. Resting between sets doesn’t mean to stop everything and go talk to your friends. It is much better to keep your mind concentrated and your body constantly moving.

The Benefits of this Ultimate Workout:

Aside from all the health benefits, this style of training is actually fun. The pace is already set for you, allowing you to focus your efforts on each lift. This combination of heavy lifting, high intensity cardio and low intensity cardio results in the ultimate workout. Your body will burn fat at a faster and more efficient rate from combining both types of cardio.

This workout is very time efficient yet it will tear your muscle from the bone. As grueling as that sounds it will shred your muscles in a good way; perfect for those who want to gain muscle-mass but also retain that ripped physique. 

Ultimate Workout Preparation:

It all starts the day before by eating 6 small square meals, drinking lots of water, stretching, cutting carbs after dinner, mental preparation and making sure you get a solid 8 hours of sleep. Sounds like a lot right? 

The greatest athletes of all time had a few things in common, training and the preparation for training. You won’t experience the full benefits without utilizing both aspects, if you’re not in it for reaching your maximum potential then why waste your time? 

It is also a great idea to prepare your next-day post workout meal at this time as well.

Post-Workout Optimization:

Post Workout Optimization - NutritionYou just finished a great workout! Now, in-order to take your results to the next level we must engage in the following tips. 

Performing this workout will get you results no matter what but it is time to reward your body for this ultimate performance. 

No matter the case, make sure you get a healthy source of protein within 30-45 minutes after completing this or any type of workout. Your muscles are more receptive at this time, due to an increase in enzyme activity, your body is naturally tuned with storing glucose for energy and building protein for fatigue muscles. 

I find that having a healthy protein shake and/ or bar 30 to 45 minutes after working out nourishes my body and appetite. Followed by a meal consisting of 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fat. 

40-40-20 Post-Workout Meal:

Post Workout Meal Plan - 40-40-20

  • 40% Protein: 7 oz Grilled Chicken Breast
  • 40% Carbs: 2 cups of (Fresh) Spinach
  • 20% Fats: 1 oz of Peanuts

Supplementation: BCAA or Branch Chain Amino Acids, Adult Multi-Vitamin and Ginkgo Biloba (promotes healthier blood flow.) These supplements are advised to be taken with a meal and create an even healthier environment for muscle growth and repair

Do You Need to Take Supplements? 

Supplements are not a “must have” but they do help, especially the right ones. I take Ginkgo because it has been proven to help eliminate free radicals within the body. Free radicals have been proven to results in damaged DNA, poor blood circulation and much more. These free radicals exist in our environment, come from germs found in crowded gyms, chemicals in processed foods and smoking.

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Are you ready to experience the benefits of this Ultimate Full-Body Workout?